Worth the wait

I took a moment to scan my last post. What clarity a few months can bring. There is a lot of anger in there. Valid. Justified. But still, wild anger fueled by sadness, hurt, denial, arrogance, rage, but mostly… confusion.

After I got that out of my system, I vowed to wait to write again. To wait for the calm. The clarity. To gather what I have learned in this divorce and wait…until my words could help others, and not tear anyone down. Especially, him.

And oh how I wanted to tear him down. For everything. So, I waited.

BecauseĀ I knew, if I took this moment in time…my divorce…this complete unraveling of my entire life as I knew it..

If I was brave enough to look inward and ask myself the hard questions…

This might be how I find peace and happiness. Answers and clarity. Resolve and inner calm. Worth and acceptance. Tolerance and grace. A life worth living.

So, I waited.