I’m back babies

Yes, it’s been HALF A YEAR since my last post but darlings… I’ve returned. Nothing like the 1st day of the new year to make you wake up and smell life ticking away. This year, I resolve to take a little (Lord knows I barely have time to blink) time for myself. And that starts right here. Doing something I really love to do. Write. One tiny blog post at a time.

Now that the trainwreck twin pregnancy is over, it’s difficult to find something to chat about. What will people want to read now that I’ve exploded and there isn’t any wreckage to gawk at? What do I have to say, regardless of what others want to read? Am I even interesting in the least bit? Ha. I am to my kids. And that’s a start…

For those out there wondering how the heck a mother of three, and twin pregnancy, looks 7 months post delivery…one more purple shirt picture post.

Excuse the curlers...in a hurry!

7 months post twin delivery.

1 thought on “I’m back babies

  1. You look absolutely wonderful but I hope you know I always think you look wonderful. Take care and I’m glad you’re taking a moment to write. You write so very well!!!

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