You named him what?

Lately, introductions with the boys has gone something like this..

New person meeting them- “Oh they are just precious…what are their names?” 

Me- “Thank you! George and Luke.” 

New person (while grimacing and smiling all at the same time)- “Ahh, Luke. That’s such a cute name.” Awkward silence. “So how old are they?” 

Seriously. What is everyone’s deal with the name George? I think it’s down right adorable. Obviously I LOVE it or we wouldn’t have named one of our children with it…for LIFE. Sure, it’s a bit old fashioned. To me, that’s the charm. He’s wise beyond his years and he’s only 1 month old. Tack in a middle name like Winston and you might as well pencil him in the presidential election, 2048. 

Truth be told, George is a family name on both sides of our family. Nick’s maternal side grandfather was a George. He passed not long ago and we still miss him. Conversations of “remember when Grandpa did this” come up often and the importance of his life and legacy are not lost on us. Also, upon family research, my father’s grandfather was the original George Winston. Hence Winston coming down the line as my maiden name. He died young. We don’t know much about him. However, the point is…our family is rich in George and now we have brought the name back. Honored it. And it just so happens…we really like it. Go figure. 

Well what about Luke? 

As I mentioned in the delivery post, I fully expected a boy and a girl to come out. I had no scientific evidence to support this. We specifically asked to not know the genders but somewhere deep down, I thought…a mother just knows 

Well turns out I didn’t know diddly. Out came two sets of twig and berries and boy was I surprised! We had discussed names. Many combination of names. And, it had long been decided George Winston was a definite. But…in the rare case two boys came out…we ran through a plethora of “2nd” boy names. Now this doesn’t mean we don’t LOVE Luke’s name. We really do. In fact, Luke was one of the rare names we both looked at each other and smiled about. I guess that’s how you know it’s really a keeper. Now..I know it’s cliche but I first came to like the name watching Cool Hand Luke years ago. It stuck around in the back of my brain and now, in my 30’s, I  was in need of a great boy name. Hudson, on the other hand, was completely my doing. (You’re welcome Nick) We were driving back from our last trip to the beach before the twins arrived and spent the better part of that 7 hours finalizing names. Out of the clear blue…Hudson came to me. I had heard it before (as a first name) and made a good case for it. Nick flat said, “No.”…I wouldn’t back down…

Me- “But…I went through ALL THIS (hand circling in front of bulging belly)  and you can’t even let me pick the middle name of the 2nd boy that we’re not even going to have?” 

Nick- ” Well if you want. I guess.” 

Me- “Gee thanks”

There you have it. Our 2nd name…Luke Hudson. And you know what? We get so many genuine complements on that name. If there was a baby naming award show..we might walk away with a golden diaper for that one. 


40 weeks Due Date

Today would have been 40 weeks. June 6th, 2012 was the “due date” for all practical purposes and had we had one baby, I may be going into labor right now. As it is, the boys were born almost 3 weeks ago.

So how are we doing? The boys are great. I am super. We are all tired, hungry and covered in milk spit up but that’s exactly how life should be. George and Luke have been to the pediatrician twice and received excellent bills of health. Nick looked relieved when the Dr. announced, “yep, they both have both.” I’m sitting there scratching my head wondering what the heck they were talking about when it hits me…ahh..the male “parts” of the main part. Duh. So much to learn about boys, I don’t know where to start. Actually, I did learn pretty quick to have a pee-pee rag on the changing table, less you want a squirt in the eye.

George stats: Born 5 lbs 14oz, left hospital at 5lbs 4oz, 2 week check up at 6lbs 15oz!

Luke stats: Born 5lbs 11oz, left hospital at 5lbs 2oz, 2 week check up at 6lbs 9oz!

Grow boys grow!!

In stark contrast to their growth, I’m shrinking at an alarming rate. In talking with other mothers of multiples, I had heard you lose the baby weight FAST and after packing on 45 pounds, I was looking forward to testing that theory. Boy were they right. Delivery day, I topped 170. 1 week later I was down to 144, 2 weeks post delivery at 134, and now 3 weeks out (tomorrow) I’m at 132. Pre-prego weight was 125. I cannot believe I’m 7 pounds from that. Let me put this out all the weight distributed the same as pre-pregnancy? Heck no. The belly area is a bit of a train wreck but that’s ok. For now. It reminds me of a giant grape that has shrunk to a raisin. Time will tell if I can get the elasticity back. However, I’ll be a raisinette if it means having these two sweet boys at my side.

1 week post delivery with twins

2 weeks post delivery with twins

37 weeks with twins. YIKES!

Thank you all for thinking of mom. She is doing better and recovering from a stroke, fractured skull and broken hip. Prayers work!