36.86 weeks…eviction notice served

Well babies…it’s been an adventure. One that started years before you ever came to be.    Now the time has come to finally meet you. Hold you. Love you. Forever.

This past Saturday we spent the night in the hospital monitoring fetal movement and my blood pressure. The past 2 weeks I could tell things were changing and sure enough my  BP was slowly creeping up. Multiple pregnancies are prone to this so I knew to keep an eye on it. Saturday afternoon, after a 2 hour nap, I woke to a pounding headache and pressure reading 150/90. (uhh oh) Checked 5 minutes later and it was up to 156/92. (I’ve been hovering around 115/70 this whole pregnancy) Quick call to the doc, and off to the hospital we went. Everything turned out ok that night and we were sent home on Mother’s Day with strict bed rest orders (shocked I made it this far without bed rest!) and  an appt. first thing Monday morning.

Yesterday we arrived at the office and my BP was up again. 140/90. Mind you, this isn’t terribly high but (1) it’s high for me and (2) there is a clear pattern of it going up. Taking this into consideration, and the fact that my Uric Acid level came back high at the hospital, Dr. W decided it was time to go ahead and call it. Clearly my body was giving signs that I was rounding the corner to PreEclampsia. For now, he says I have Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. We’ll be 37 weeks on Wednesday (Full Term) so the benefits of another week start to diminish when compared to the risks we could soon face.

Drum-roll…he moved the scheduled CSection up from May 23rd to May 17th. That’s right…in 2 days! I’ll be 37 weeks + 1 day. He actually wanted to try for Friday, May 18th but that is our anniversary and we asked if it was possible to have that one day to ourselves. To not have to share it with the kids. (Because as all parents know..you willingly give everything to your kids) He chuckled and agreed. So there you have it. MAY 17th at 5pm…we should be ready to head in and meet these cutie pies!! I’m only nervous about two things. (1) The health of Baby A. (2) The health of Baby B. I know I’ll be ok. Nick will be ok. The Doc will be ok. Just let me hear some good cries… let them take some good breaths… and the weight of the world will be lifted. We know they are still coming a little “early” although not technically premature anymore. Everything should be fine. God willing.

So guess what I’m doing today besides a blog entry while on “bedrest”? (aka recliner rest) Doing what I do best. FREAKING OUT. haha. Making list after list of things that need to be done before they come. What is Nick doing? Making golf plans for tomorrow…after all, he won’t be able to go for a long while! That’s why I love him. He’s Yin to my Yang. We balance each other because Lord knows two of me would self implode in 10 seconds flat.

Tomorrow, I promise to get up, put on that purple shirt one more time, and take that 37 week photo! (and post) I’m so excited to meet them and not be pregnant that I might just pee myself. Umm..too late.

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