36.5 Weeks…Doc appt today!

Blame it on the cankles…I forgot to post Week 36 last Wednesday.

36 Weeks

We go to the doc this morning. Had an eventful weekend including an overnight stay at the hospital. I’m fine…the babies are fine. Monitoring every little “sign” and signal is pretty common near the end of twin pregnancies and so it is that I check my blood pressure a few times a day. Saturday, BP was relatively high in the afternoon (150’s/90’s) so we went in “just to be safe”. Sure enough, the 12 hours we were at the hospital, my BP dropped back to the 120’s/70-80’s range so we came home on Mother’s Day with bed rest orders and a morning appt. first thing Monday. (today)

Most all my blood work came back fine except for one number….Uric Acid. It was elevated. However, still no dilation..no protein in the urine. (signs of labor / PreEclampsia) From what I can gather via google, high Uric Acid in pregnancy could indicate PreEclampsia is around the corner. Considering we hit 37 weeks (Full term) in 2 days, I would be shocked if he does not move up the C-Section date to sometime this week. Of course this is speculation. Will know more in a few hours and I’ll update on here later today…

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