Baby Stats..15 days to go

Well…the Doc appt. yesterday was rather uneventful. I should be happy about this considering I’m still one day shy of 36 weeks. It’s becoming a daily struggle to remind myself that babies are not suppose to come this early. I KNOW they should stay in longer. I KNOW it’s a blessing that they are not making any signs of coming yet. My brain KNOWS this. My swollen, achy, miserable body however is another story. Let me just put this out there…growing twins is hands down the hardest physical thing I’ve ever done in my life. That’s saying something considering I’m no couch potato. Climbing some 5.11’s with pops…no problem. Running umpteen marathons…fun times. Providing life sustaining blood and nutrients to two tiny humans…down right brutal. (albeit the most rewarding)

Recapping last week’s appt, the twins are doing fantastic. 8 days ago, Baby A weighed 5lbs, 5oz. and Baby B came in at 5lbs, 8oz. (or so says the fancy ultrasound machine) Considering they could gain an oz a day from here on, they are tipping 6lbs now. Fluid levels were still great. Both vertex (head down)- not that it matters since we’re doing a repeat Csection..but still…it’s cute to see their little heads squished up together. Snug as some bugs. I can’t comment on their legs and feet because I turn my head every time they scan “down there” so I don’t accidentally see anything between (or not between) the legs. However, I’m told all looks good and we shouldn’t expect more than 10 toes on each.

The most exciting part of the appt. came when nurse K said…”let’s go ahead and get the Csection on the schedule.” YES…let’s do that! I could barely contain my excitement. SO MAY 23rd it is! Specifically at 5pm. 38 weeks on the dot. Now I have to tell you…at first I was excited, but then the more I thought about it…a dark cloud of gloom came over me. At that point it meant…I had to stay pregnant 23 more days. Oh Lord when I think of it that way…twenty three more days…when I was barely making it from one to the next…seemed an eternity away. However, if you flip your thinking and say..I have a huge bill due in 23 days and not enough money in the bank…then 23 days doesn’t seem like much time at all does it? Potato – Poe ta toe. I’m going to stay as positive as possible. Yesterday was bad but today is better. One day at a time…

Well now…the countdown stands at 15 days to go! At the appt. yesterday my blood pressure was great, the babies looked fine, and still no change in the nether regions that would indicate the babies were making an early arrival. Doc W. could tell I am physically miserable but kept smiling and saying how great it was that they are hanging in there so long. I let out a nervous laugh, half cocked smile and agreed. Then, I got the nurse to help me put my shoes on and off I waddled. Back home…to the recliner.

In keeping with the positive theme…let’s just say how elated I am to FINALLY be done with our weekly progesterone shots. We finished last Wednesday and I know hubby Nick is equally excited he doesn’t have to play nurse anymore. I mean…look at these things…OUCH

Ok, now the only poking and prodding I have left is an IV, blood draws, Spinal, Csection, and 6 weeks post delivery of blood thinner injections. No biggie RIGHT?!? I’m officially over my fear of needles. Hooray.

36 week picture tomorrow…

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