The Delivery

The post is dedicated to my mom who today is gravely ill. She loved reading this blog and I know she was anxiously awaiting this post. I only wish I had written it sooner. I take comfort in knowing she was here for the delivery and met our new babies. Man, how her face lit up.

 May 17th. We had a new delivery date. 37 weeks + 1 day with twins. I’ll always claim that extra day because let me tell you, being THAT pregnant with twins, getting through another day was a monumental event. By this point I was miserable. The human body is not meant to carry “litters” and the effects of two humans inside me was taking its toll. Blood pressure was up. Swelling in both legs.. much more so in the right. I could barely walk and hobbled around on two swollen tree stumps. Headaches, body aches, couldn’t breathe, and the worst of it all was the gestational diabetes. My kidneys were in overdrive trying to keep up with the demands of three humans. Each day I consumed enough water to allow 3 camels to travel the Sahara and back. I could NOT go without water..even for more than 15 minutes. Which meant, there was 0 sleep going on. I was D-U-N. So when we went for the 37 week check up and Dr. W said “enough was enough” and it was time for them to come, I felt such a relief wash over me. I damn near kissed the man.

Dr. W had suggested May 18th or 17th so we choose the 17th. You see, our wedding anniversary is May 18th. We wanted one day to ourselves as the rest of the year forever more would be dedicated to our kids. (as it should be) So we arrived at the hospital at 3pm. Csection scheduled at 5pm. Whoever thought it was a good idea to make a pregnant woman wait until 5pm (without food or water for 8 hours prior) should be punished. Remember the whole can’t go without water? Yeah well..I was dying to have water but I kept reminding myself that we were about to hold these sweet babies and I could wait. I HAD to wait.

Things were happening so fast. A team of nurses running in and out with forms and needles and giant compression socks. (left leg medium, right one XL) I thought I would have time to call my immediate family members and chat as we waited for 5pm but I was wrong. We managed to squeak in calls to all parents and siblings and then it was GO time. Nick’s mom had arrived from Louisville days before and my mom had come in from Dallas 10 days prior so they were at our home waiting on Nick’s call to come up to the hospital and meet the new grand babies.

Waiting time between 3-5pm

Before I knew what was happening, it was time to go back. They wheeled me in bed down the halls and all I kept thinking was (1) let them be ok (2) let them cry and take good breaths (3) I hope Nick doesn’t pass out (4) What are the genders?? (5) Let me be ok. Funny how having kids and a family makes you think of yourself last. Here we are again, minutes before going in…I was smiling so big because of everything about to happen and the fact that in moments I would be able to use my lungs!

Happy family of 3 about to become 5!

If you have ever had a Csection, you know the woman goes back first and leaves the significant other waiting in the hall. They need to “prep” the lady which means stick a HUGE needle in her back to completely numb her lower half. I’ve had two Csections and I’ll never get over that strange feeling. Not the needle (that’s actually no worse than a bee sting) but the feeling that you’re losing feeling. You’re there, yet not there. Very odd indeed. Then before I knew what was going on, Nick was at my side and I started to smell a very bad smell. I remember saying, “what is that??” and the doc said, “that’s you dear…we’ve started” Oh yeah right. I forgot the whole laser through the flesh part.

OK, let’s fast forward to the good part because frankly the other stuff is a bit gory and unpleasant on the stomach. I of course have pictures because I instructed the nurse to “spare no expense” when capturing the birth of my little ones. But I am strange like that. A bit Dexter-esk towards blood, minus the whole serial killer part. However, I would never post those pics…you’re welcome.

So there was Dr. W pulling out Baby B first and we had asked the the entire staff to not say the gender. I wanted Nick to have those honors. Here comes the baby (at 5:26pm) and WAAAAA WAAAA WAAA was all I heard. Music to my ears. Nick jumps up to peek over and quickly announces, “It’s a BOY!” I remember him saying that and simultaneously, I remember being able to breathe again. Both very good feelings. Exactly one minute later, Baby A was on the way. I kept thinking…ok, here comes the girl. For whatever reason, I had it in my head the entire pregnancy that we were having one of each. At 5:27, WAAA WAAA WAAA…Nick jumps up..only this time they had already taken the baby to the warmer so he left my side to go see. Our conversation then went exactly like this…

Nick- “It’s a boy!”

Me- “I know, what is the other one?”

Nick- “A boy! We have two boys!” (exclamations are necessary because he was actually speaking with such excitement)

Me- silent for at least 20 seconds. “But we have so much girl stuff…”

HA! That’s all I could think to say. I was completely dumb-shocked we had two boys. Nick meanwhile was all smiles and a few tears. Within minutes the neonatal doc came over to tell us both babies look amazing. Neither needed any assistance and both would be going right to the well baby nursery. NO NICU. If I could have gotten up off that table, I would have hugged him so tight. This was the one thing I was worried about the entire pregnancy. Being born too early. Needing NICU. Needing help. Kailey was in the NICU 3 months and it almost broke me in half. I needed these boys to be healthy more than anything…and here they were…perfect.

With that, the nurses wrapped them up and brought them over for Nick to hold. First just one, and then the other. Nick said, “I don’t know how to hold them..” To which the nurse replied, “you’ll learn pretty quick..” and plopped them both in his arms. There sat the proud dad grinning from ear to ear. Looking back and forth at each as if this was the final set at Wimbledon. Here are a few of the babies first pictures…

Nick holding both babies

Baby B – 5lbs, 14 oz

Baby A- 5oz, 11oz

And just like that, they were here and it was time to head to the nursery while I went to recovery. Nick went with the babies and I stayed for the final act. Turns out, I ended up with quite a bit of bleeding. I didn’t realize the extent at the time because I swear the anesthesiologist pumped in some extra feel good juice once the babies were out but my one hour recovery turned into about 3 as I had to be monitored from the blood loss. Meanwhile, Nick was with the babies and gave them their first bath. Both grandmas had brought Kailey up to the hospital and they all watched from the behind the nursery glass. I wish I could have been there but Nick says everyone stood in awe of the twins and just imagining that makes me smile.

The next few days were a little extra tough on me and I ended up needing a blood transfusion. BUT…all in all, small price to pay and I would do it all over again to ensure the babies were healthy. Pushing the pregnancy to 37 weeks + 1 day was draining on my body but exactly the time they needed to mature. As I write this, we are 10 days post delivery and we’re all home and doing great. I feel fantastic and my ailments are diminishing more and more each day. Here we are all leaving the hospital on the same day! Another dream come true because before their birth, I kept trying to prepare myself that they may have to stay a little longer than me.

Leaving as a family of 5

So, that about sums it up. OH WAIT…the names you ask?? Well…may I introduce to you…

George Winston S. (formerly Baby B)


Luke Hudson S. (formerly Baby A)

George left, Luke right

So what’s the deal with their names? Well stay tuned…another post my friends…

36.86 weeks…eviction notice served

Well babies…it’s been an adventure. One that started years before you ever came to be.    Now the time has come to finally meet you. Hold you. Love you. Forever.

This past Saturday we spent the night in the hospital monitoring fetal movement and my blood pressure. The past 2 weeks I could tell things were changing and sure enough my  BP was slowly creeping up. Multiple pregnancies are prone to this so I knew to keep an eye on it. Saturday afternoon, after a 2 hour nap, I woke to a pounding headache and pressure reading 150/90. (uhh oh) Checked 5 minutes later and it was up to 156/92. (I’ve been hovering around 115/70 this whole pregnancy) Quick call to the doc, and off to the hospital we went. Everything turned out ok that night and we were sent home on Mother’s Day with strict bed rest orders (shocked I made it this far without bed rest!) and  an appt. first thing Monday morning.

Yesterday we arrived at the office and my BP was up again. 140/90. Mind you, this isn’t terribly high but (1) it’s high for me and (2) there is a clear pattern of it going up. Taking this into consideration, and the fact that my Uric Acid level came back high at the hospital, Dr. W decided it was time to go ahead and call it. Clearly my body was giving signs that I was rounding the corner to PreEclampsia. For now, he says I have Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. We’ll be 37 weeks on Wednesday (Full Term) so the benefits of another week start to diminish when compared to the risks we could soon face.

Drum-roll…he moved the scheduled CSection up from May 23rd to May 17th. That’s right…in 2 days! I’ll be 37 weeks + 1 day. He actually wanted to try for Friday, May 18th but that is our anniversary and we asked if it was possible to have that one day to ourselves. To not have to share it with the kids. (Because as all parents willingly give everything to your kids) He chuckled and agreed. So there you have it. MAY 17th at 5pm…we should be ready to head in and meet these cutie pies!! I’m only nervous about two things. (1) The health of Baby A. (2) The health of Baby B. I know I’ll be ok. Nick will be ok. The Doc will be ok. Just let me hear some good cries… let them take some good breaths… and the weight of the world will be lifted. We know they are still coming a little “early” although not technically premature anymore. Everything should be fine. God willing.

So guess what I’m doing today besides a blog entry while on “bedrest”? (aka recliner rest) Doing what I do best. FREAKING OUT. haha. Making list after list of things that need to be done before they come. What is Nick doing? Making golf plans for tomorrow…after all, he won’t be able to go for a long while! That’s why I love him. He’s Yin to my Yang. We balance each other because Lord knows two of me would self implode in 10 seconds flat.

Tomorrow, I promise to get up, put on that purple shirt one more time, and take that 37 week photo! (and post) I’m so excited to meet them and not be pregnant that I might just pee myself. Umm..too late.

36.5 Weeks…Doc appt today!

Blame it on the cankles…I forgot to post Week 36 last Wednesday.

36 Weeks

We go to the doc this morning. Had an eventful weekend including an overnight stay at the hospital. I’m fine…the babies are fine. Monitoring every little “sign” and signal is pretty common near the end of twin pregnancies and so it is that I check my blood pressure a few times a day. Saturday, BP was relatively high in the afternoon (150’s/90’s) so we went in “just to be safe”. Sure enough, the 12 hours we were at the hospital, my BP dropped back to the 120’s/70-80’s range so we came home on Mother’s Day with bed rest orders and a morning appt. first thing Monday. (today)

Most all my blood work came back fine except for one number….Uric Acid. It was elevated. However, still no protein in the urine. (signs of labor / PreEclampsia) From what I can gather via google, high Uric Acid in pregnancy could indicate PreEclampsia is around the corner. Considering we hit 37 weeks (Full term) in 2 days, I would be shocked if he does not move up the C-Section date to sometime this week. Of course this is speculation. Will know more in a few hours and I’ll update on here later today…

Baby Stats..15 days to go

Well…the Doc appt. yesterday was rather uneventful. I should be happy about this considering I’m still one day shy of 36 weeks. It’s becoming a daily struggle to remind myself that babies are not suppose to come this early. I KNOW they should stay in longer. I KNOW it’s a blessing that they are not making any signs of coming yet. My brain KNOWS this. My swollen, achy, miserable body however is another story. Let me just put this out there…growing twins is hands down the hardest physical thing I’ve ever done in my life. That’s saying something considering I’m no couch potato. Climbing some 5.11’s with pops…no problem. Running umpteen marathons…fun times. Providing life sustaining blood and nutrients to two tiny humans…down right brutal. (albeit the most rewarding)

Recapping last week’s appt, the twins are doing fantastic. 8 days ago, Baby A weighed 5lbs, 5oz. and Baby B came in at 5lbs, 8oz. (or so says the fancy ultrasound machine) Considering they could gain an oz a day from here on, they are tipping 6lbs now. Fluid levels were still great. Both vertex (head down)- not that it matters since we’re doing a repeat Csection..but still…it’s cute to see their little heads squished up together. Snug as some bugs. I can’t comment on their legs and feet because I turn my head every time they scan “down there” so I don’t accidentally see anything between (or not between) the legs. However, I’m told all looks good and we shouldn’t expect more than 10 toes on each.

The most exciting part of the appt. came when nurse K said…”let’s go ahead and get the Csection on the schedule.” YES…let’s do that! I could barely contain my excitement. SO MAY 23rd it is! Specifically at 5pm. 38 weeks on the dot. Now I have to tell you…at first I was excited, but then the more I thought about it…a dark cloud of gloom came over me. At that point it meant…I had to stay pregnant 23 more days. Oh Lord when I think of it that way…twenty three more days…when I was barely making it from one to the next…seemed an eternity away. However, if you flip your thinking and say..I have a huge bill due in 23 days and not enough money in the bank…then 23 days doesn’t seem like much time at all does it? Potato – Poe ta toe. I’m going to stay as positive as possible. Yesterday was bad but today is better. One day at a time…

Well now…the countdown stands at 15 days to go! At the appt. yesterday my blood pressure was great, the babies looked fine, and still no change in the nether regions that would indicate the babies were making an early arrival. Doc W. could tell I am physically miserable but kept smiling and saying how great it was that they are hanging in there so long. I let out a nervous laugh, half cocked smile and agreed. Then, I got the nurse to help me put my shoes on and off I waddled. Back home…to the recliner.

In keeping with the positive theme…let’s just say how elated I am to FINALLY be done with our weekly progesterone shots. We finished last Wednesday and I know hubby Nick is equally excited he doesn’t have to play nurse anymore. I mean…look at these things…OUCH

Ok, now the only poking and prodding I have left is an IV, blood draws, Spinal, Csection, and 6 weeks post delivery of blood thinner injections. No biggie RIGHT?!? I’m officially over my fear of needles. Hooray.

36 week picture tomorrow…