34.5 weeks. Isn’t life swell…

I’ve gone and done it now. Make that, over done it. Why I continue to think I can function the same as my non-pregnant counterparts is a mystery. Heck…I think I can do the same things I did LAST week and I’m finding out the hard way…this is not the case. Weeks 20-30’ish with twins, I was able to summarize subtle differences week to week. Now, every day brings new challenges.

As I write this, I’m laid up in the recliner at 4 in the afternoon. I was here at 2pm,noon, and 10am even. My day began in the recliner following a night where I slept here as well. Preceded by a Saturday where I felt compelled at almost 35 weeks pregnant with twins, to get up at 5am, set up a yard sale, and run the sale from 7am-noon in 85 degree Alabama sun and heat. Not one of my smarter ideas. We’re all paying for it now. As the morning went on and the bartering over items heated up, I could tell my legs were swelling a bit. To be expected right? I was not deterred. If you know me, you know I love a good sale. Followed closely by chats with strangers over endless topics. People fascinate me. From odd comments to thoughtful good wishes, you never know what is going to come out of their mouth. The ginormous size of my waistline was topic numero  uno. I really enjoyed the morning. However… cankles were brewing.

Shortly after wrapping up the sale I noticed a distinct limp starting. I simply couldn’t WALK like normal. One foot in front of other became a bit of a shuffle shuffle hobble back into the house. There, while confronted with a full length mirror, I saw the damage. I had swelling from the waist down. Enormous amounts on each inner thigh, around the knees, calves pulsating, and ankles disappearing. To the recliner I went in hopes an hour or two with the feet up would “cure me”. After all, (1) I’ve made it this far in the pregnancy with no swelling and (2) I’m a stubborn idiot. I even got up and did a few chores before finally admitting defeat. Besides, my poor husband was tired of hearing me complain how my legs hurt yet watching me get up to do things. Thank God he loves me..heaven knows he thinks I’m nuts.

Instead of getting better…the swelling got worse. No amount of reclining was helping. At one point, I couldn’t see my ankles anymore and the skin burned. Swelling must produce a lot of heat because I felt like my legs/feet/toes were on fire. There was nothing I could do. I had pushed my body beyond the point of return and now I was paying for it. And so is the reason if you came to my house today, you would find me in the recliner…at 5pm…still in the previous night’s pajamas. I’m happy to report the swelling is finally going down but it’s still not resolved. Walking is still painful. And now I have a backache, from too much reclining, that I can’t shake. Poor Kailey looked at me and asked to play. When I told her I couldn’t…that mommy was too sore..she said, “OK OK. I know. You can play when the babies come in May.”

Confucius Kailey I will call her from now on. She is wise beyond her years.

Lesson learned: Don’t conduct yard sales when almost 35 weeks pregnant with twins. 28 weeks max. Ha.

34 weeks with twins

Stay tuned: I sense changes on the horizon. (A woman just KNOWS) Dr. appt tomorrow. Perhaps a tentative date will be set. I want nothing more than these babies to be healthy, but boy am I “done” with being this pregnant.

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