32 Weeks. Goodbye Never

There was a time when I would routinely say the word never. Heavy use surrounded age 13-18, then a little less 18-25, followed by some astute changes of life, which leads me to the ripe age of 32…when I almost never use the word never. The older we get, the more we see, the less we know. I get it now.

This week has brought to light one of the most widely exclaimed statements of my youth…”I will NEVER own a mini-van” Why did I feel the need to proclaim this when I was 16? What about at 22? Why even at 30, with one child and contemplating more? Of course I was not going to get a mini van then…I had no need for it. Vans were for old people. People with families….multiple children..2.5 dogs, jobs and mortgages. People, you know..like my parents and teachers. Gasp. Ah, to be young and closed simple minded again.

Well guess what happened? Yup. I’m one of those people now. It didn’t happen overnight but sometimes it sure feels that way. So by this time next week, the mother of all my “never” statements may officially come crashing down. Folks, we have picked out a mini van and plan on buying it. I know, I KNOW. Just like we would NEVER move to the ‘burbs…we have. I would  never have 3 children…we will. And 80’s fashion would never come back in style…ugh, it has.

In a very short amount of time (3-6 weeks if you’re keeping track), we are going to be parents to three kiddos. The owners of a new (slightly used) mini-van. And, hamming it up at the neighborhood pool with our suburban neighbor friends. A snapshot of life that if you had told me 10 years ago would be me, I would have proudly proclaimed…NEVER. As if this would be a bad life to live. Well, not bad, but certainly not “youthful” in thinking. HA. News flash. I love my life. And, I’m not old…I’m never looking back.

32 Weeks with Twins

32 Weeks with Twins...regular clothes

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