31 Weeks…getting tough

Here we are…31 weeks with twins. 31 + 2 days actually as each Wednesday is a new week and I am a bit tardy with this entry. Forgive me but I have a very valid excuse…my fingers are tired.

No really…they are. Along with my legs, the feet, the back, abdominal organs, my brain, the heart, ribs and lungs. Everything is slowing turning to a full blown ache. As of late, I’ve developed the pregnancy “butterfingers”. Evidence splattered around the house as I drop everything and try hard to keep my expletives to a minimum around K’s ears. Bon-a-fide ankle swelling has not started yet but I know it’s to come. I end each day in the recliner (where I am right now) with useless stumps for legs. And then, as the day comes to a close, I waddle off to bed.

Ah, the bed. Correction…battlefield. One would think a nice, inviting bed all to myself (I’ve moved to the guest bed to spare the husband) would be heaven sent to a pregnant lady but you would be wrong. OKok…in the bed’s defense, it was great…until about 18 weeks pregnant. Now, I approach the treacherous squishy square, take 3 deep breaths and say, “here we go.”

First step is getting in. I position all 5 pillows (yes 5) in a particular manner, and climb in from the foot of the bed on all fours. Once I’m ready to settle in, I have to recap the babies’ positions of the day and choose which side to start sleeping on. Guess wrong and the babies instantly start kicking the rib cage in protest. (there is no way to sleep through this) Eventually, I find myself horizontal and cocooned by pillows. Turn out the light…ahhh. Sleep. For exactly 14 minutes before bladder has other plans. And so the cycle goes. No less than 4 times a night. Every night. I miss my husband but there is no way I could subject him to this up and down dance.

Ok…to change the subject (because frankly, I could bore you to tears with the “I hurt all over” stuff).. let’s talk about baby stats!!  We are now going to the Dr. every week. This means the end is near! YAY. (Remember May 23rd is the latest he said we would go)

31 weeks + 2 days. Baby A weighs about 3.5 pounds. Baby B just shy of 4 pounds. A heartbeat 121. B heartbeat 139. No, we still don’t know the genders! Absolutely no sign of preterm labor. Fluid levels great.Total weight gain= 34 lbs. My belly is measuring the size of someone pregnant at 41 weeks with one baby. Considering most women deliver by 40 weeks, I have officially entered the no-mans land of multiple pregnancy. (ie..looking freakishly large) People are beginning to look at me in aghast wondering if I might give birth at any moment. The pictures simply do not do justice to how large I really feel. Speaking of….

31 Weeks

4-7 Weeks to go. We can do this!!

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