34.5 weeks. Isn’t life swell…

I’ve gone and done it now. Make that, over done it. Why I continue to think I can function the same as my non-pregnant counterparts is a mystery. Heck…I think I can do the same things I did LAST week and I’m finding out the hard way…this is not the case. Weeks 20-30’ish with twins, I was able to summarize subtle differences week to week. Now, every day brings new challenges.

As I write this, I’m laid up in the recliner at 4 in the afternoon. I was here at 2pm,noon, and 10am even. My day began in the recliner following a night where I slept here as well. Preceded by a Saturday where I felt compelled at almost 35 weeks pregnant with twins, to get up at 5am, set up a yard sale, and run the sale from 7am-noon in 85 degree Alabama sun and heat. Not one of my smarter ideas. We’re all paying for it now. As the morning went on and the bartering over items heated up, I could tell my legs were swelling a bit. To be expected right? I was not deterred. If you know me, you know I love a good sale. Followed closely by chats with strangers over endless topics. People fascinate me. From odd comments to thoughtful good wishes, you never know what is going to come out of their mouth. The ginormous size of my waistline was topic numero  uno. I really enjoyed the morning. However… cankles were brewing.

Shortly after wrapping up the sale I noticed a distinct limp starting. I simply couldn’t WALK like normal. One foot in front of other became a bit of a shuffle shuffle hobble back into the house. There, while confronted with a full length mirror, I saw the damage. I had swelling from the waist down. Enormous amounts on each inner thigh, around the knees, calves pulsating, and ankles disappearing. To the recliner I went in hopes an hour or two with the feet up would “cure me”. After all, (1) I’ve made it this far in the pregnancy with no swelling and (2) I’m a stubborn idiot. I even got up and did a few chores before finally admitting defeat. Besides, my poor husband was tired of hearing me complain how my legs hurt yet watching me get up to do things. Thank God he loves me..heaven knows he thinks I’m nuts.

Instead of getting better…the swelling got worse. No amount of reclining was helping. At one point, I couldn’t see my ankles anymore and the skin burned. Swelling must produce a lot of heat because I felt like my legs/feet/toes were on fire. There was nothing I could do. I had pushed my body beyond the point of return and now I was paying for it. And so is the reason if you came to my house today, you would find me in the recliner…at 5pm…still in the previous night’s pajamas. I’m happy to report the swelling is finally going down but it’s still not resolved. Walking is still painful. And now I have a backache, from too much reclining, that I can’t shake. Poor Kailey looked at me and asked to play. When I told her I couldn’t…that mommy was too sore..she said, “OK OK. I know. You can play when the babies come in May.”

Confucius Kailey I will call her from now on. She is wise beyond her years.

Lesson learned: Don’t conduct yard sales when almost 35 weeks pregnant with twins. 28 weeks max. Ha.

34 weeks with twins

Stay tuned: I sense changes on the horizon. (A woman just KNOWS) Dr. appt tomorrow. Perhaps a tentative date will be set. I want nothing more than these babies to be healthy, but boy am I “done” with being this pregnant.

33.5 weeks…Dr. High Demand.

Well, this Dr. appt came and went with barely the bat of an eyelash. I was really looking forward to it because (1) Nick was home with Kailey and I didn’t have to worry with keeping up with her around the office (2) I was told this was the ultrasound week where I was going to get extra measurements and weights and whatnot. I do love looking at them for more than 2 seconds for a heartbeat. (3) I was hoping we could start talking about a tentative Csection date and I had about 10 more questions to ask him before all this “goes down”.

What really happened was…

The waiting room was packed…oh no, this is not starting good. My fav. ultrasound lady calls me back and informs me she was wrong…this week is still just a heartbeat check but next week was the body scan of each baby. Damn. I was really hoping to see how big those cuties are getting. The next 1.5 hours I spent waiting to see the Dr. (along with every other woman around me) Evidently, he was the hot ticket of the day. Now let me tell you…normally, spending 1.5 hours to just sit and read magazines at my leisure without a 4 year old at my heels would actually be relaxing but I’m 33 weeks prego with twins. No chair is my friend. “Waiting patiently” has temporarily left the vocabulary. And, I had polished off my snack food the first 5 minutes I was there. Not good folks.

I contemplated leaving no less than 10 times but ultimately thought it was best to wait to be seen. (you know, we’re at the point where twins could arrive anytime. better not skip a week of Dr. visits) Eventually I was seen. Dr. W ran into the room, opened the chart, reeled off a few “you’re doing great” statements and “see you next week” and he was backing out of the room before I could even say hello. Geeze. Nice talking with you too Doc. Guess my questions can wait until the next visit. Hope these babies don’t decide to come before then!

Defeated, I waddled back to the check out window and scheduled the next visit. Well, I tried too but Dr. W is ALL booked up the following week. “Of course he is”, I muttered to myself. But, I got in with Dr. M (complete stranger to me) on Monday, April 30th. I’ll be 2 days shy of 35 weeks at that appt. The average set of twins in the US arrive at 35 weeks. I am praying we beat the average as I am NOT READY for them to come. I still have a slew of questions to run past the Dr. about the surgery and medications and so on. This means I won’t see MY Dr. (Dr. W) until 36 weeks at the earliest. At this point, I’m starting to wonder who will be my Dr. on delivery day. When we first met Dr. W, he took my hand and promised me he would be my guy come May. That he delivers all the twins in this practice. I drilled him about his April/May schedule and made sure he didn’t have any vacations planned. Now, I’m not sure what will happen. Fingers crossed they decide to come when he is available. God knows…we don’t need any extra surprises.

No post would be complete without a picture. Seeing as I’ve already shared the 33 week…how about one from the beach? Nick, Kai and I snuck down to the beach for 3 days last weekend. I say snuck because I’m currently on strict Dr. orders to not travel more than 30 minutes away from Huntsville but I HAD to get my feet in the sand and water one time before they arrive. Heavens knows I’ll be in the house with them most of the summer. We just HAD to get away one last time as a family of three…

K & K in Destin, FL

You didn’t really think I would show a belly shot bathing suit photo did you? Haha. Silly you.

33 weeks. Visual recap

33 weeks! WOW I am feeling it now. We go to the Dr. tomorrow so I’m going to do the rare double blog post in one week and update you with that news Friday. Until then, let’s recap…

19 weeks

20 Weeks

21 Weeks

22 Weeks

23 Weeks

24 Weeks

25 Weeks

26 Weeks

27 Weeks

28 Weeks

30 Weeks

31 Weeks

32 Weeks with Twins

33 Weeks

32 Weeks. Goodbye Never

There was a time when I would routinely say the word never. Heavy use surrounded age 13-18, then a little less 18-25, followed by some astute changes of life, which leads me to the ripe age of 32…when I almost never use the word never. The older we get, the more we see, the less we know. I get it now.

This week has brought to light one of the most widely exclaimed statements of my youth…”I will NEVER own a mini-van” Why did I feel the need to proclaim this when I was 16? What about at 22? Why even at 30, with one child and contemplating more? Of course I was not going to get a mini van then…I had no need for it. Vans were for old people. People with families….multiple children..2.5 dogs, jobs and mortgages. People, you know..like my parents and teachers. Gasp. Ah, to be young and closed simple minded again.

Well guess what happened? Yup. I’m one of those people now. It didn’t happen overnight but sometimes it sure feels that way. So by this time next week, the mother of all my “never” statements may officially come crashing down. Folks, we have picked out a mini van and plan on buying it. I know, I KNOW. Just like we would NEVER move to the ‘burbs…we have. I would  never have 3 children…we will. And 80’s fashion would never come back in style…ugh, it has.

In a very short amount of time (3-6 weeks if you’re keeping track), we are going to be parents to three kiddos. The owners of a new (slightly used) mini-van. And, hamming it up at the neighborhood pool with our suburban neighbor friends. A snapshot of life that if you had told me 10 years ago would be me, I would have proudly proclaimed…NEVER. As if this would be a bad life to live. Well, not bad, but certainly not “youthful” in thinking. HA. News flash. I love my life. And, I’m not old…I’m never looking back.

32 Weeks with Twins

32 Weeks with Twins...regular clothes

31 Weeks…getting tough

Here we are…31 weeks with twins. 31 + 2 days actually as each Wednesday is a new week and I am a bit tardy with this entry. Forgive me but I have a very valid excuse…my fingers are tired.

No really…they are. Along with my legs, the feet, the back, abdominal organs, my brain, the heart, ribs and lungs. Everything is slowing turning to a full blown ache. As of late, I’ve developed the pregnancy “butterfingers”. Evidence splattered around the house as I drop everything and try hard to keep my expletives to a minimum around K’s ears. Bon-a-fide ankle swelling has not started yet but I know it’s to come. I end each day in the recliner (where I am right now) with useless stumps for legs. And then, as the day comes to a close, I waddle off to bed.

Ah, the bed. Correction…battlefield. One would think a nice, inviting bed all to myself (I’ve moved to the guest bed to spare the husband) would be heaven sent to a pregnant lady but you would be wrong. OKok…in the bed’s defense, it was great…until about 18 weeks pregnant. Now, I approach the treacherous squishy square, take 3 deep breaths and say, “here we go.”

First step is getting in. I position all 5 pillows (yes 5) in a particular manner, and climb in from the foot of the bed on all fours. Once I’m ready to settle in, I have to recap the babies’ positions of the day and choose which side to start sleeping on. Guess wrong and the babies instantly start kicking the rib cage in protest. (there is no way to sleep through this) Eventually, I find myself horizontal and cocooned by pillows. Turn out the light…ahhh. Sleep. For exactly 14 minutes before bladder has other plans. And so the cycle goes. No less than 4 times a night. Every night. I miss my husband but there is no way I could subject him to this up and down dance.

Ok…to change the subject (because frankly, I could bore you to tears with the “I hurt all over” stuff).. let’s talk about baby stats!!  We are now going to the Dr. every week. This means the end is near! YAY. (Remember May 23rd is the latest he said we would go)

31 weeks + 2 days. Baby A weighs about 3.5 pounds. Baby B just shy of 4 pounds. A heartbeat 121. B heartbeat 139. No, we still don’t know the genders! Absolutely no sign of preterm labor. Fluid levels great.Total weight gain= 34 lbs. My belly is measuring the size of someone pregnant at 41 weeks with one baby. Considering most women deliver by 40 weeks, I have officially entered the no-mans land of multiple pregnancy. (ie..looking freakishly large) People are beginning to look at me in aghast wondering if I might give birth at any moment. The pictures simply do not do justice to how large I really feel. Speaking of….

31 Weeks

4-7 Weeks to go. We can do this!!