29 weeks. 9 or 6 weeks to go.

Well folks…we made it another week. I say “we” because this pregnancy is truly turning into a team effort. I’m requiring more and more time sitting and less time up and doing things. Nick, Kailey, family and friends have all stepped up to help this momma make it through the day. Thank you all…even the “little things” help so much.

Heartburn has reared its ugly head again and I fear is here to stay. (Despite daily medication to help) Nothing like feeling ravenous and esophageal burning all at the same time. Legs and feet that use to hold up until nightfall are now aching as early as noon if I’m not careful. Baby B has moved into a transverse position across the top of the uterus.This means he/she likes to tuck up under both set of ribs once I lay down. Little booger then proceeds to kick and punch the underside for hours. JOY. Luckily, the back is holding up..for now. All in all, the body is holding up pretty well however I diffidently notice an increase in symptoms this week from prior ones.

Ok..enough complaining. I just had to get a little out because man this is getting TOUGH and we still have 9 weeks to go! Or is it 6? Woah, wait, what? My doc has been so supportive that we’re going to make it to 38 that I never let it sink in that the average twin pregnancy in the US delivers at 35 weeks. THAT’S IN 6 WEEKS PEOPLE.  Why is that? Well usually its because one or both babies water naturally breaks and that’s that. Birth is then imminent. Of course there are a number of other issues that can cause pre-term delivery but considering how we’ve progressed swimmingly, I would suspect only early water breaking or unusual change in blood pressure to send us packing before 38.

I was panicking lying awake pondering this new realization that we could in fact welcome them in as little as 6 weeks and my mind thought back to the month these little ones came to be. September, 2011. The month my Grandma Reiser passed away. Grams, as I called her, will always be one of my favorite people. We were actually in Dallas with our fertility specialist when we got word of her passing. I turned to Nick that very night and said, “If this works, and it’s twins, they are going to be born on Grams’s birthday. I just know it.” Why did I say that? Well..we knew based on our “timing” that a single baby would go 40 weeks into the first week of June, but that twins come early and could happen anytime in May. Grandma, born May 4th, 1920, would be watching over us.

29 Weeks

Grams with Kailey. We miss you...

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