28 Weeks…Deja Vu

It’s been a warm week in Alabama. Unseasonably for March but we’re not complaining. The neighbors are out, the trees in bloom, and time to brush out the winter cobwebs. Saturday we meandered down the block to partake in our first neighborhood crawfish boil. (I told you we hit the great neighbors jackpot!) Ah the smell of Zatarains, potato and corn filled the air and I couldn’t help but to be taken back. Flash to 28 years prior and an early memory of my first crawfish boil in sleepy little Mandeville, Louisiana. I was 4. We had just moved from Texas and these native Louisiana folk were breaking us in fast. Neighborhood coming together over a vats and vats of fresh crawfish, spice and beer. Kids running wild into the night until everyone walks back home, belly full and smiles-a-plenty. Good times.

And then it hit me. One of those Deja Vu moments. Nick and I stood gathered around the table covered in newspaper, fresh crawfish dumped, adults digging in. I glanced over my shoulder to see Kailey chasing new friends around the yard. *Flash* Wow, and there you have it. Circle of life all over again. Here we were…brand new town, Kailey (age 4), and crawfish. I couldn’t help but smile and hope we’re helping her create those special memories that stay with you for a lifetime.

The weekend came to a close and Tuesday ushered in a new Dr. appt. We go every 2 weeks now. I am no longer nervous but still cautiously optimistic. Everything went routine. YAY! Routine is great. No issues, no problems, see you again in 2 weeks. Baby A heartbeat= 157, Baby B = 138. I’m measuring the size of someone pregnant with one baby at 36 weeks. So, par for course, I look 2 months more pregnant than I am. As you can expect, we started receiving the “you look due any day now” glances this week. I can’t wait to see faces when I waddle past in 2 months. Smiles and nods will surely turn to grimace and shock as if I might explode at any moment. This is about to get fun.

28 Weeks

Sitting around last night, basking in the fact that we have indeed made it to 28 weeks and the babies look posed for staying in as long as possible, I began to reminisce again. Maybe it was the crawfish memory that got my brain going, maybe it’s the pregnanacy hormones but whatever…I was taken back to Kailey at 28 weeks. I had not looked at the photos in a long…long time but suddenly I wanted to see them. To SEE what our babies might look like at 28 weeks inside. Kailey was born at 26weeks + 2 days on Jan 12th, which meant Jan. 24th photos would be 28 weeks in utero. (We saved all our photos of her NICU stay by the day) I opened up the Jan. 24th-26th folder and this is what I saw…

Us holding Kailey for the first time in the NICU

Looking back, I remember when we took the photos, I kept thinking…the blanket makes her look twice as big as she really was. Now, all I see is a little tiny baby. Perspective and time change everything. And, in keeping this pregnancy in perspective, we are simply blessed all is going well. Stay in there babies. Grow big and strong. We love you but don’t want to see you in our arms for at least 8-10 weeks!

1 thought on “28 Weeks…Deja Vu

  1. Oh My!
    The boil and laughter!
    Those were the good memories….

    Kailey what a blessing from a mear 1#9oz to her joyful 4 years Imaging your 4yh year!

    Pea pods stay put awhile longer

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