30 Weeks. I miss my Blue Bell

If you know me, you know I could single handily keep Blue Bell in business. Rare is the day you open our freezer and don’t see a tub or two of that glorious ice cream. Mind you…I’m not one for sweets. I could pass up an entire table full of cakes, cookies, pies…you name it. But, don’t mess with my Blue Bell lest you want to limp away missing body parts.

So it is with a very heavy heart that I announce I’ve been banned from the stuff for the remainder of the pregnancy. That’s right..I failed both the 1 hour and 3 hour glucose tests most all pregnant women are subject to at 28 weeks. What does that mean? Gestational Diabetes folks. GULP. Have no fear..the babies and I are doing well. It just means I have to be more diligent in watching the foods I eat, specifically my sugar/carbs intake as well as increasing protein with each meal.

Out with the ice cream, in with the steak. Hey, that’s not all bad!

As an added bonus, I’ve been outfitted with a glucose meter. 4 times a day until delivery I get to check sugar levels in my blood.  Yesterday, there was a fun little class where a dietitian diligently wrote out my daily meal plans and calorie/carb/protein allowance. Imagine her face as I told her I was also gluten intolerant. She had a fun time trying to pick out my foods.

All kidding aside, diabetes is no joke. I’m lucky this was diagnosed and I’m able to take measures to keep these babies and myself healthy. We’ve made it to 30 weeks, which is 4 weeks longer than with K & E. Every day they stay in is a miracle in my eyes. So give me that monitor, take my Blue Bell, and force feed me protein at every meal. You babies are worth it.

30 Weeks

29 weeks. 9 or 6 weeks to go.

Well folks…we made it another week. I say “we” because this pregnancy is truly turning into a team effort. I’m requiring more and more time sitting and less time up and doing things. Nick, Kailey, family and friends have all stepped up to help this momma make it through the day. Thank you all…even the “little things” help so much.

Heartburn has reared its ugly head again and I fear is here to stay. (Despite daily medication to help) Nothing like feeling ravenous and esophageal burning all at the same time. Legs and feet that use to hold up until nightfall are now aching as early as noon if I’m not careful. Baby B has moved into a transverse position across the top of the uterus.This means he/she likes to tuck up under both set of ribs once I lay down. Little booger then proceeds to kick and punch the underside for hours. JOY. Luckily, the back is holding up..for now. All in all, the body is holding up pretty well however I diffidently notice an increase in symptoms this week from prior ones.

Ok..enough complaining. I just had to get a little out because man this is getting TOUGH and we still have 9 weeks to go! Or is it 6? Woah, wait, what? My doc has been so supportive that we’re going to make it to 38 that I never let it sink in that the average twin pregnancy in the US delivers at 35 weeks. THAT’S IN 6 WEEKS PEOPLE.  Why is that? Well usually its because one or both babies water naturally breaks and that’s that. Birth is then imminent. Of course there are a number of other issues that can cause pre-term delivery but considering how we’ve progressed swimmingly, I would suspect only early water breaking or unusual change in blood pressure to send us packing before 38.

I was panicking lying awake pondering this new realization that we could in fact welcome them in as little as 6 weeks and my mind thought back to the month these little ones came to be. September, 2011. The month my Grandma Reiser passed away. Grams, as I called her, will always be one of my favorite people. We were actually in Dallas with our fertility specialist when we got word of her passing. I turned to Nick that very night and said, “If this works, and it’s twins, they are going to be born on Grams’s birthday. I just know it.” Why did I say that? Well..we knew based on our “timing” that a single baby would go 40 weeks into the first week of June, but that twins come early and could happen anytime in May. Grandma, born May 4th, 1920, would be watching over us.

29 Weeks

Grams with Kailey. We miss you...

28 Weeks…Deja Vu

It’s been a warm week in Alabama. Unseasonably for March but we’re not complaining. The neighbors are out, the trees in bloom, and time to brush out the winter cobwebs. Saturday we meandered down the block to partake in our first neighborhood crawfish boil. (I told you we hit the great neighbors jackpot!) Ah the smell of Zatarains, potato and corn filled the air and I couldn’t help but to be taken back. Flash to 28 years prior and an early memory of my first crawfish boil in sleepy little Mandeville, Louisiana. I was 4. We had just moved from Texas and these native Louisiana folk were breaking us in fast. Neighborhood coming together over a vats and vats of fresh crawfish, spice and beer. Kids running wild into the night until everyone walks back home, belly full and smiles-a-plenty. Good times.

And then it hit me. One of those Deja Vu moments. Nick and I stood gathered around the table covered in newspaper, fresh crawfish dumped, adults digging in. I glanced over my shoulder to see Kailey chasing new friends around the yard. *Flash* Wow, and there you have it. Circle of life all over again. Here we were…brand new town, Kailey (age 4), and crawfish. I couldn’t help but smile and hope we’re helping her create those special memories that stay with you for a lifetime.

The weekend came to a close and Tuesday ushered in a new Dr. appt. We go every 2 weeks now. I am no longer nervous but still cautiously optimistic. Everything went routine. YAY! Routine is great. No issues, no problems, see you again in 2 weeks. Baby A heartbeat= 157, Baby B = 138. I’m measuring the size of someone pregnant with one baby at 36 weeks. So, par for course, I look 2 months more pregnant than I am. As you can expect, we started receiving the “you look due any day now” glances this week. I can’t wait to see faces when I waddle past in 2 months. Smiles and nods will surely turn to grimace and shock as if I might explode at any moment. This is about to get fun.

28 Weeks

Sitting around last night, basking in the fact that we have indeed made it to 28 weeks and the babies look posed for staying in as long as possible, I began to reminisce again. Maybe it was the crawfish memory that got my brain going, maybe it’s the pregnanacy hormones but whatever…I was taken back to Kailey at 28 weeks. I had not looked at the photos in a long…long time but suddenly I wanted to see them. To SEE what our babies might look like at 28 weeks inside. Kailey was born at 26weeks + 2 days on Jan 12th, which meant Jan. 24th photos would be 28 weeks in utero. (We saved all our photos of her NICU stay by the day) I opened up the Jan. 24th-26th folder and this is what I saw…

Us holding Kailey for the first time in the NICU

Looking back, I remember when we took the photos, I kept thinking…the blanket makes her look twice as big as she really was. Now, all I see is a little tiny baby. Perspective and time change everything. And, in keeping this pregnancy in perspective, we are simply blessed all is going well. Stay in there babies. Grow big and strong. We love you but don’t want to see you in our arms for at least 8-10 weeks!

27 weeks with twins

Uneventful. That’s how I would describe the last week. And believe you me, boring is A-ok. Between the pregnancy, quitting work, the move, my mom’s health, the house, the never-ending unpacking, and then my dog passing away…to have one week where there was absolutely nothing much going on…ahh. God sent.

In honor of this breather of a week…may I present a short and sweet post. Recap a-la pictures.

17 weeks Twins

19 weeks

20 Weeks

21 Weeks

22 Weeks

23 Weeks

24 Weeks

25 Weeks

26 Weeks

27 Weeks

26 Weeks and Gluten Free Cupcakes

Wow…what a week. Isn’t life crazy that way? Such heartache transformed into a million smiles. On the heels of losing Tex, we packed up and drove back to Louisville for the weekend. Ashley flew in from Dallas and had an amazing baby shower planned for her big elder sis…

The day meant so much more to me than a regular ‘ol baby shower. It signified reaching a milestone we never achieved with the girls. A healthy pregnancy…no complications…reason to celebrate. Juxtaposed to where we were 4 years ago and everyone in that room had reason to smile.

I was blown away with the love and support from all my family and friends. Ashley knew we didn’t have a shower with the girls and she made sure we felt the love this go around. I was blown away by everyone that came together to make it happen. Pam, special mention to you for bringing the gluten free cupcakes. YUM. I’m not one to go after sweets but pregnant me has had the crave big time.

At the end of the day, I drove away with a car load of baby goods and an even fuller heart. It’s strange that something like a baby shower can mean SO much. But this shower meant just that. Love, hope, dreams fulfilled. Optimism about the future and the realization that these twins are coming. Alive and well. Both of them.