24 weeks with Twins. Insert Happy Dance.

Wikipedia defines: Viable or viability is the ability of a thing (a living organism, an artificial system, an idea, etc.) to maintain itself or recover its potentialities. “viability is the ability to germination of the seed when provide it to all environmental condition.”

24 weeks. Reason for celebration. The babies have a solid chance at life outside the womb. Not that anyone would want them to be born now..no way. BUT, getting to 24 weeks is absolutely huge and the importance is not lost on this mother. From this point forward, every day spent in there is exponentially important to their survival and quality of life after birth. Being the mother of a surviving micro-preemie (born at 1.5 pounds) as well as a preemie who passed away, I have been looking forward to making it to 24 weeks from day 1. Those prayers have been answered. Now we’re looking towards the ultimate goal…38 weeks!

The Dr. thinks we’re on track for a great rest of the pregnancy. He said, “when I see twins, I only hope they look as good as yours do.” YEA! All my bodily stats are looking on point as well.

Blood pressure: Great 110/70

Weight: 151 lbs.  ( total weight gain= 26 pounds) Right on track for gaining the recommend 35-45 lbs for twins.

Uterus measuring: 33 weeks singleton pregnancy. Yes, my hoohas can now officially rest on top of the belly. OMG.

Cervix: Looking good. (long, closed)

Sorry for the “female details” but in the world of pregnancy, those are the most important in determining how the pregnancy is progressing and the chances of staving off pre-term labor. We did start another medication this week just to buy some insurance in keeping pre-term labor at bay. I’m not showing any signs of it but considering my past (labor at 26 weeks) the Dr. would rather be safe than sorry. This means…more injections. UGH. The BIG ones. Progesterone shots in the rear again. At least this time, it’s only once a week until week 32 instead of every night as we had to do for nights on end at the beginning of this pregnancy. Poor Nick had to break out his Nurse Stolte hat last night and do the deed. Nothing about long/ thick needles in the bum are fun but at least he knew what he was doing. What a trooper.

To Come: More belly updates. Next visit to Louisville…

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