Holy Batman House

So the closing FINALLY happened. A few days behind and many tears later, we were ready to move in. Seal the deal. Case closed. Or, so we thought. Because our closing was conveniently moved back (convenient for Bank of America, not us) the moving company couldn’t bring our stuff until 4 days later. None-the-less, we actually enjoyed those first few peaceful days with air mattress sleeping and paper plates dining. We Nick had packed our temp. apartment goods up and we spent a few blissful days unpacking those minuscule items, feeling pretty proud of ourselves for settling in, and meeting neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors, boy did we luck out. It’s Karma finally giving back for the two nut jobs we were previously sandwiched between. (Mind you, I miss ya Judy H…nothing but love for my neighbor across the street) But now, we have a couple our age to the left with a 4yr old girl and 2yr old boy. The little girl has already been over a few times and Kailey over there. It’s awesome. The husband said he “likes to cook” and on Superbowl Sunday we peered out the window to find him wheeling this gargantuan smoker from the garage. (think restaurant size) He proceeded to cook up about 20 pigs on it and invited us over for the party. Hell-o. Yes please. Did I mention he’s a cop? Yeah, really. We hit the neighbor jackpot. So far, Alabama has lived up to it’s Southern neighborly charm. A few others have brought over cookies or come by to introduce themselves and welcome us. I’ve learned the low down on just about everyone on the street and found out this neighborhood is brimming with German Shepherds. (yea for Tex) We attented not one but TWO Superbowl parties and ended the weekend with warm fuzzy feelings for our new surroundings.

Then the CRAP came. I mean, our stuff. All two semi trucks full of it. Why did it leave Louisville in one and arrive here in two? Hum. That’s right…our crap had crap babies between September and now. I woke Monday still glowing from the awesome Superbowl night before and was met with chaos and 6 burly men hell bent on unpacking all our stuff as quickly as possible. If you’ve ever had movers, you know EVERYTHING is inventoried. Every cup, broom, toilet paper roll…everything. I set up up my desk (huge cardboard box) in the driveway and proceeded to check in every last inventoried item.

Driveway Desk

Five hours later, the last crap box had been checked in. We stood back to assess the damage and couldn’t believe the sight. Go ahead and book us on the next season of Hoarders. This is a section of the three car garage…

Garage Junk

Needless to say…we have a lot of work ahead of us. I already have a large yard sale pile going. I also came within a few minutes of calling the doc and asking what the genders of these twins are when I counted 15+ boxes of girl preemie-3T clothes. Alas, I’ll hold onto the clothes until the two squirts get here. But man it was tempting…

Speaking of…we’ve hit WEEK 23 with Twins!

23 weeks with Twins

On that note, I’ll leave you with a picture of the real reason we pick this new “hood”. Close to town, yet far enough out to enjoy this…

Coming up: 24 week Dr. visit with weight and size stats (gasp)

Follow-up: Thank you all for your well wishes and concerns about mom. After the hospital stay, the pneumonia was reduced enough to transfer to assisted living short term. She basically hated that and returned home as quickly as she could manage. The next few months will be spent on regaining strength through physical therapy and following Dr.’s orders concerning her heart condition. (More tests, and maintenance with medication) For now, she is home and feeling much better.

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