22 Twin weeks = 31 Singleton weeks

Another week down, thank Goodness. In the beginning of this pregnancy, weeks flew by without so much as a blink. I was amazed how quickly we made it to 6 weeks (heartbeat week), next 12 (risk of miscarriage greatly reduced), then 19 (half-way with Twins). Really, the time flew by. But oh how the tables have turned. Weeks 19-22, I have witnessed the greatest expansion of the belly thus far as well as a surprise onslaught of “other” symptoms.

Other symptoms include, but not limited to:

-Labored breathing

-Red, itchy belly skin

-Restless legs every night after 8pm

-Hands and feet swelling if I so much as look at the salt shaker


-Difficultly walking up stairs or for more than a few minutes on flat land

-Blurred vision. Especially at night where I’m rendered practically blind.

-Mind numbing lower back pain.

-The need to pee 3 drops every 5 minutes.

I became a little concerned that all these “3rd trimester” symptoms came on so quick…while I’m still squarely in my 2nd trimester. So, I brought this up with the doc last Friday. My issues were met with a little chuckle as he matter-of-fact stated, “well Mrs. Stolte, you are measuring the same as someone pregnant with one baby at 31 weeks. These symptoms are perfectly normal.”

Ahh…ic. So basically my 2nd trimester “honeymoon/ feeling good before you get big” time is over. It lasted a few weeks. Grrrreat. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still over-the-moon grateful to be able to have these two kids. Years of trying and heartache has taught me to appreciate the gift of life and ability to bring life to children of our own. However, allow me a few moments of…


And on that note…22 week pics.

Last week, my wonderful sister said the best words a pregnant woman can hear, “honey, you don’t look pregnant except for the belly.” Ahh, I could just hug her. So, for good measure, I am including a “front photo”. When I looked at it, I felt slightly normal. For about 2 minutes. And that was great.

Things we learned this past week:

Baby A is measuring 15oz. (So, 1oz shy of a pound) . Head down.

Baby B is measuring 1 pound exactly. Head up.

To come: THE NEW HOUSE! (We close tomorrow at 9am)

5 thoughts on “22 Twin weeks = 31 Singleton weeks

  1. This makes me tear up. I’m just so happy for you. You look beautiful (even though I can’t see your face). Can’t wait to meet the boys!! Yeah, I said it!

  2. I think you look just great sorry about all the symptoms. Take a deep brath often and put your feet up as often as you can. I know your stress level is high now but please don’t let it get to you.
    Nancy Fowler Addison Tx.

  3. I love reading your posts. This one in particular cracked me up. I know it’s wrong to laugh at your expense, but I just couldn’t help myself. Everything you are experiencing I JUST went though but you’re right it was only for my third trimester with a single baby. You’re one of the most stubbornly determined person I know, you will get through this!

    Keep them posts coming woman.

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