20 Weeks

Well friends..I was complaining last week that perhaps I was not “growing” enough but I more than made up for it this week.

Per the new doctor…weight went up 4 pounds! Was it just the different scale, ya, I think so. However, we’re going to go by that scale now so let me fess up that the new Dr.’s scale read 144. This means weight gain to date is around 20 lbs. “Normal” for twins is 35-45 so I’m kinda on track. Hell, I’m a little ahead of track but that’s ok. I would rather gain a little more and know those babies are getting nice and fat than too little. Any family who has had a premie baby knows a higher birth weight is critical to better health and less time in the NICU. Twins almost always come early so my job is to fatten them up!

Speaking of Dr.’s…we met our new guy! Dr. Wheeler. He, and his nursing staff, seem great. Considering my history, I was looking for a “hand-holder” type doc and boy did I hit the jackpot. He sat in our room for almost an hour answering all our questions and never did we feel rushed. I was actually the one that had to “wrap up the conversation” because I  started to feel bad about the other patients waiting!

More on this to come. I’ve been pretty terrible at writing my blog entries lately and I apologize. Strange considering I’m not “working” now but I find my days completely booked with errands, house closing stuff, travel and catching up on everything else we let go to pot the last few months living out of boxes. We just returned from Texas (visiting my sister/bro-in-law, niece and mother). Kailey turned the big 4! And closing is still set for Jan 31st. Oh yea, AND we joined the Y, I attended my first meeting of HAMOM (Huntsville area mothers of multiples) and a fun coupon seminar.

COMING SOON: Texas recap, Kailey’s awesome birthday, Countdown to closing…

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