Half Way

My favorite kinds of races are the out-and-backs. The ones where your START and FINISH are in the same vicinity and half way is some clearly identifiable turn out there. One way the sun is in your face, the rest at your back. Half way gives me a natural high. In a marathon, it is marked by a mini celebration of sorts. People gather there. Music is blaring. A 13.1 mile marker is present, even though you just passed the 13 marker steps back. In other words, it’s a party people. Time to celebrate.

Well folks, dust off those boom boxes (if under 23, google boom box for definition) because  today was HALF WAY through this pregnancy. 19 weeks. I stand at the peak and feel renewed, ready to take this all the way to the Finish. Wait wait…I know 19 + 19 does not make a 40 but remember we have twins cooking in there. The usual full term for twins is 38 weeks so we are indeed half way. And man does this do wonders for me mentally. Just days ago I was getting a little down at the thought of how-long-we-had-to go and how-big-I-was-going-to-get. But the power of the half way point is strong. Today I was a little less weepy and slight more happy. And believe you me, this is huge.

Which leads me right into…

19 Week Photo.

Now this one has me perplexed. Look at it, then look at the 17 week photo again.

Is it just me or did I look bigger at 17 weeks? Perhaps I had just had a big lunch.

Well, I won’t complain. I know the extreme roundness is coming. The scale does not lie and I can feel enough moving around in there daily that I’m not worried.

Latest stats for week 19: Weight- 139.8 lbs, Waist – 36″, Rear- 40″. I had to include the rear stats. It’s unreal how fast it’s growing too…Nick says, “counterbalance to the belly.” What a dear.

Upcoming: Dallas recap, Kailey turns 4! and moving to the new house? (yes I meant a question mark there)

1 thought on “Half Way

  1. You look rounder now than at 17 weeks. That shirt is a slight bit tighter now than at 17 weeks. SO… it’s just you! 🙂 Your stats, btw, at 19 wks prgnt with twin… WHATEVER. Those are my stats at the age of 29 (again) NOT pregnant, running daily, and eating salad. but that’s cool. 😉

    Keep cookin’. My boys need playmates or dates! Love you!

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