17 Week Twins Photo…already come and gone.

OK…here you go! I promise to have Nick help me take some proper photos of the following weeks but for now, this will have to tide you over. Taken last week, I’m hitting 18 weeks (into the 19th week) tomorrow. Imagine this belly, plus another inch out. Boy howdy. I’m going to be BIG.

Between Christmas and New Years, we’ve traveled from Louisville-to Huntsville-back to Louisville-back to Huntsville. This Friday we leave for the Big D. (Dallas, TX) to visit my mom, sister, brother-in-law and niece. Yes, it’s a lot of driving. However, I’m fully aware of the impeding deadline. That is, come May’ish, I am home locked in Huntsville with two babies attached to me at all times. Now is the time to drive and drive and drive some more. Visit all the family and friends that we can. Sow the last of our wild oats (ha! what oats?).

Our official 40 week due date is June 6th. In Twin language, that means May 23rd is 38 weeks and more likely go time. (Also my Dad’s Birthday!) Seeing as I’ve already gained 17 pounds (at 17 weeks) , I expect to be full waddle by April and couch bound soon there after.

Odd craving this week: Blue Icees. Or, anything of slushy consistency.

Favorite new item: Genie Bra. Oh the relief! A must for any pregnant woman.

Until next time, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Any resolutions? I looked at Nick and exclaimed my resolution was to complete the move to the new house (set for Jan. 31st) and birth two babies. A little much? If you know me, you may say this is a slow year. I think it’s going to be just right.

Be safe friends. Coming up…More belly pics, 20 week Dr. pregnancy update, Trip to Dallas, the new house.


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