21 weeks and back in Dallas

I keep promising to write more but each week, life continues to steam roll. It’s true this is a busy time anyway with the move and new home and all but as soon as I come up for air, another wave crashes to shore and I’m underwater again.

As I write this, I’m back in Dallas. Mom’s usual bad health took a turn for the worst. Thankfully, my hubby was able to take a few days off and watch Kai as I dropped everything and flew out here.

The good: Mom is stable for now

The bad: Congestive Heart Failure compounded by pneumonia, excess fluids, overall weakness.

The plan: Hospital inpatient until the pneumonia is in check and IV antibiotics are over, then to rehabilitation center to gain strength and energy to undergo testing on the heart. Long term goal is to maintain heart with medicine and attempt independent living if possible.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Although I have to go back home tomorrow, mom has a good support system in place with my sister and brother-in-law living here and for that I am extremely thankful.

Now, even in the midst of this, there is still a very important part of my life going on..that is, the expanding belly.

Before I was able to hop on a plane to Dallas, my new doctor wanted me to get “cleared” to fly. A good precaution with twins and considering my history. Luckily, everything looked great and absolutely no signs of pre-term labor so he ok’d the flight. Lucky for you, this means I have a few pictures to share.

Baby A kept showing us the side profile with the mouth open…aww cute.

 Baby B was in a little better position. He/She gave us some awesome front pictures. The eyes and eyelids are there and in a few more weeks, they will be able to open. Amazing.

To come: Who knows. I give up guessing what life will bring.

20 Weeks

Well friends..I was complaining last week that perhaps I was not “growing” enough but I more than made up for it this week.

Per the new doctor…weight went up 4 pounds! Was it just the different scale, ya, I think so. However, we’re going to go by that scale now so let me fess up that the new Dr.’s scale read 144. This means weight gain to date is around 20 lbs. “Normal” for twins is 35-45 so I’m kinda on track. Hell, I’m a little ahead of track but that’s ok. I would rather gain a little more and know those babies are getting nice and fat than too little. Any family who has had a premie baby knows a higher birth weight is critical to better health and less time in the NICU. Twins almost always come early so my job is to fatten them up!

Speaking of Dr.’s…we met our new guy! Dr. Wheeler. He, and his nursing staff, seem great. Considering my history, I was looking for a “hand-holder” type doc and boy did I hit the jackpot. He sat in our room for almost an hour answering all our questions and never did we feel rushed. I was actually the one that had to “wrap up the conversation” because I  started to feel bad about the other patients waiting!

More on this to come. I’ve been pretty terrible at writing my blog entries lately and I apologize. Strange considering I’m not “working” now but I find my days completely booked with errands, house closing stuff, travel and catching up on everything else we let go to pot the last few months living out of boxes. We just returned from Texas (visiting my sister/bro-in-law, niece and mother). Kailey turned the big 4! And closing is still set for Jan 31st. Oh yea, AND we joined the Y, I attended my first meeting of HAMOM (Huntsville area mothers of multiples) and a fun coupon seminar.

COMING SOON: Texas recap, Kailey’s awesome birthday, Countdown to closing…

Half Way

My favorite kinds of races are the out-and-backs. The ones where your START and FINISH are in the same vicinity and half way is some clearly identifiable turn out there. One way the sun is in your face, the rest at your back. Half way gives me a natural high. In a marathon, it is marked by a mini celebration of sorts. People gather there. Music is blaring. A 13.1 mile marker is present, even though you just passed the 13 marker steps back. In other words, it’s a party people. Time to celebrate.

Well folks, dust off those boom boxes (if under 23, google boom box for definition) because  today was HALF WAY through this pregnancy. 19 weeks. I stand at the peak and feel renewed, ready to take this all the way to the Finish. Wait wait…I know 19 + 19 does not make a 40 but remember we have twins cooking in there. The usual full term for twins is 38 weeks so we are indeed half way. And man does this do wonders for me mentally. Just days ago I was getting a little down at the thought of how-long-we-had-to go and how-big-I-was-going-to-get. But the power of the half way point is strong. Today I was a little less weepy and slight more happy. And believe you me, this is huge.

Which leads me right into…

19 Week Photo.

Now this one has me perplexed. Look at it, then look at the 17 week photo again.

Is it just me or did I look bigger at 17 weeks? Perhaps I had just had a big lunch.

Well, I won’t complain. I know the extreme roundness is coming. The scale does not lie and I can feel enough moving around in there daily that I’m not worried.

Latest stats for week 19: Weight- 139.8 lbs, Waist – 36″, Rear- 40″. I had to include the rear stats. It’s unreal how fast it’s growing too…Nick says, “counterbalance to the belly.” What a dear.

Upcoming: Dallas recap, Kailey turns 4! and moving to the new house? (yes I meant a question mark there)

17 Week Twins Photo…already come and gone.

OK…here you go! I promise to have Nick help me take some proper photos of the following weeks but for now, this will have to tide you over. Taken last week, I’m hitting 18 weeks (into the 19th week) tomorrow. Imagine this belly, plus another inch out. Boy howdy. I’m going to be BIG.

Between Christmas and New Years, we’ve traveled from Louisville-to Huntsville-back to Louisville-back to Huntsville. This Friday we leave for the Big D. (Dallas, TX) to visit my mom, sister, brother-in-law and niece. Yes, it’s a lot of driving. However, I’m fully aware of the impeding deadline. That is, come May’ish, I am home locked in Huntsville with two babies attached to me at all times. Now is the time to drive and drive and drive some more. Visit all the family and friends that we can. Sow the last of our wild oats (ha! what oats?).

Our official 40 week due date is June 6th. In Twin language, that means May 23rd is 38 weeks and more likely go time. (Also my Dad’s Birthday!) Seeing as I’ve already gained 17 pounds (at 17 weeks) , I expect to be full waddle by April and couch bound soon there after.

Odd craving this week: Blue Icees. Or, anything of slushy consistency.

Favorite new item: Genie Bra. Oh the relief! A must for any pregnant woman.

Until next time, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Any resolutions? I looked at Nick and exclaimed my resolution was to complete the move to the new house (set for Jan. 31st) and birth two babies. A little much? If you know me, you may say this is a slow year. I think it’s going to be just right.

Be safe friends. Coming up…More belly pics, 20 week Dr. pregnancy update, Trip to Dallas, the new house.